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You're Starting from Perfection

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Because of the world we live in, you're probably used to "striving." What I mean is that you are probably working from the mentality that you're starting from the bottom and climbing to the top. And while there's something to admire in this growth mindset, it's also misguided.

What ends up happening when we operate from this mindset is that everything is a climb, and we wrap our self-worth up in that baseline. We believe that if we started from the bottom, we're really no better than that at the end of the day. And even though this thought is an imposter, it's so difficult to fight when your whole framework starts from the bottom.

In reality, you're starting from God. And God is perfect. So if He has created you in His image, how can you not also be perfect? If this is the Truth, how can you possibly be starting from the bottom?

You can't!

What's really happening is that you're starting from perfection, and all that growth you experience is actually DISCOVERY. When you strive, you're getting closer and closer to the Truth of who you are and what you're meant to do on this earth as God's child. How incredible is that?

So instead of worrying that you're not good enough, you can operate from a space of knowledge that you are EXACTLY good enough. And everything you do helps you gain a greater self-understanding.


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