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Faith is the Gutsy Choice

We can talk Blueprint all day, but if you don't have FAITH, I'm afraid you won't see the results you've been hoping for. To have faith is to have trust, and without it, you can't make the kinds of gutsy decisions that get you to where you want to be.

Imagine you're hard-pressed for cash. Are you going to up and quit your job if you don't have a little faith in God and his ability to provide? NO! No one lacking faith would. But by placing your trust in God, you affirm that you're a part of His abundance and that the skills and passions you possess—your Blueprint—were a gift from Him. Armed with that knowledge, you'd probably have the guts to make a major decision like that and trust that you'll be led to the perfect "next step."

That, of course, is a really extreme example. The sentiment is the same, though. We can talk about Blueprints all day long, but without faith, without God, what do you have? Will you be able to stand up for your God-given gifts and take leaps of faith knowing that you're following the path He set for you, seen or unseen?

Having faith takes some real guts!


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