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You're a Ray of God's Light

If you EVER question your value, and the value of your Purpose, I want you to remember that you exist ON PURPOSE. God put love and care into you and your Blueprint so that you would be here, exactly where you, and exactly where you're going to be, to solve a problem. It's no accident that you exist when you do.

And if you ever question your Purpose, remember that if God is the Sun, then you are one of the rays of light coming from Him. You are unique, singular, and valuable. You exist because of AND for Him, to serve some facet of Him.

This means that not only are you WORTHY, but you also have all the tools and connections in your path to fulfill your Purpose. You won't always see it, but you'll know you're moving toward it by listening to your intuition, following your motivation, and moving forward. These are all signs from God that you're on track.

You're no accident, you're right where you should be.


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