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You Don't Have a Purpose... You Are Your Purpose

I've built my company by helping people find their Purpose. And one of the most common misconceptions I notice is that people search for their Purpose outside themselves. They look for it in their relationships, jobs, and hometowns. What I want to challenge you to see is that Purpose is something inherent in you that you bring to the table.

In other words, you'll never find your Purpose externally. You bring it with you everywhere you go. You could work the same job your whole life and experience radical transformation just by understanding your Purpose—simply because you can then apply that understanding to your current role if that's what you wish.

Your Purpose is not about what you do, so much as it's about how you show up in the world. It's how you solve problems, how you work, and why you get out of bed each morning. You can bring that understanding with you wherever you go, and make massive waves if you so wish.

And more importantly, you can never be separated from your Purpose. It's not something that anyone can take away because it's an intrinsic part of you. So no matter where life takes you or what's happening in your world, your Purpose is always there for you to tap into and apply.

Sure, you might have jobs and activities better suited to your Purpose. But even when you face adversity, you can still shine your light.


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