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Who's It All For?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Part of the reason the Blueprint Process exists in the first place is to help people get OUT of people-pleaser mode and stop living life for others. Because a life lived for other people is draining, and doesn't allow us to fully use our gifts. Yet, I want to challenge the notion that we live completely for ourselves, too. Stay with me for a second...

So if our lives aren't lived for other people, and it's not for ourselves, either, who is it all for?

The answer, I believe, is God.

The reason I believe this so strongly is because God put each of us here on purpose. It's not random AT ALL. However, because of the way our world is, we all spend some time stumbling around and picking up habits that have nothing to do with our unique purpose.

The reason it feels SO good when we finally start living our Blueprints is because that's how God designed us! Yet, there are times when even following our Blueprint can feel uncomfortable and messy, because it's God's will... not our own.

But ultimately, who knows where you need to go better than your Creator? And once you start tuning in to God's frequency, things are going to start clicking for you, even when it's not totally what you want to do.

The amazing thing is when you stop living for others AND you stop living for yourself, and you start living for God and His design instead... you and the people you interact with are going to be happier and better for it!


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