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What the Blueprint Process Is... and Isn't

When you work with a Blueprint Practitioner, there are certain things you can expect. While your experience will vary depending on who you choose to work with (we want you to work with the person who feels right), there are some things that remain the same no matter what.

The Blueprint Process is guided self-research. Talking with your Blueprint Practitioner should feel like they're holding up a mirror for you. In conversation, they learn and hear who you are, then share that with you from a new perspective. This is so beneficial because we all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves. And not all of them are flattering... or true.

A Blueprint Practitioner's job is to say, THIS is how I see you, and give you an enlightened view of your strengths.

What we WON'T do is tell you what to do. You may work with your practitioner to determine your vision and your trajectory, but the rest is up to you. Remember, we're holding a mirror to you so that you can work with all of your God-given tools. These conversations should inspire you to choose your own path, not dictate exactly what that path should be.

What happens is that you begin to see and experience your value and power by being yourself, and taking action becomes EASY. (Though, believe me, we all still face trials.) This should feel good because it's all you!

The Blueprint Process isn't made to give you a personal itinerary for success. It's more like getting a roadmap and the tools you need to take your journey, but you're in control of the route you take.


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