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What is Your Custom-Designed Business?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Did you know that your business is supposed to match YOU? And yet most people do it the other way around... they strive to match the business they're in. Even though this is well-intentioned, it leads to people completely draining their batteries, and probably faster than usual, too!

You were designed to be UNIQUE, and your business should support that. Forget what people around you are doing---all you can hope is that they're aligned with their Blueprint, while you work to align with yours. Because I can promise that you won't find your Blueprint by marching to someone else's drum.

This isn't an overnight process. You'll have to do the deep internal work to uncover who you are and what makes you tick. I'm also willing to bet that you'll do things outside your Blueprint as you learn to trust in God, because we all fumble sometimes. You're not doing it wrong, you're LEARNING. And every experience on your journey is going to move you closer to having that Blueprint-aligned business. How incredible is that?


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