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What is Already Within You?

What is already within you that you have naturally?

This is the question that is so often missing from our self-discovery. Instead, I see time and time again people who want to emulate their idols and be just like them. Yet, it exacts a great toll to try and be someone else, even if you think it's a part of your Blueprint.

In reality, anything involving your Blueprint should feel effortless and exciting. It should even GIVE you energy. And if what you're doing doesn't, it's okay to stop doing it. You don't have to be like anyone else to be valued and successful. You just have to honor who you are.

It's okay to have your idols and "mentors," but don't worry so much about being anything other than you are. You may have some growth to do, and some development, but you're pre-loaded with so much potential... and it's uniquely YOU.


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