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What Brings You Life?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The phrase "fish out of water" isn't just about being awkward or uncomfortable when you're out of your element—it's about being completely unable to thrive! Think of a fish flopping around on a dock. That fish NEEDS to go back into the water in order to thrive. While he may technically breathe air, he breathes it through his own unique apparatus: gills.

YOU are a fish, and when you're not in the right environment for you, you cannot possibly survive or thrive. You have to find what you need to breathe, so to speak, and then inhabit that space!

In business, this could translate to working virtually rather than in an office, or vice versa. It could also be unrelated to your physical space at all. If your career doesn't align with your Blueprint—your passions, skills, values, and purpose—you're always going to feel a bit like you're struggling to breathe.

Don't do that to yourself. Give yourself permission to be in the environment you thrive in, even if it takes some time to figure out exactly what that looks like.


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