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Shine YOUR Light

What's the most interesting thing about you?

I'd like to suggest that it's your LIGHT. You could also call it your Purpose—that thing that God set you here on Earth to do. And I do believe that He placed you here for a reason.

Often, we tend to think are most interesting qualities are things that are a bit intangible. We believe our appearance, our relationships, our education, and a bunch of other things make us unique. While this is a piece of it, what's more important is the very thing that's been inherent in you since day one. And THAT, my friend, is your divine gift.

When you shine your light and are actively living in your Purpose, you are naturally magnetic. You draw people to you. And not just any people, the right people—those who have a complimentary Purpose. And when you connect with these people, you can create exponential good in the world.

These people, your "fan club," will find your Purpose so fascinating, and by extension everything else. NOT the other way around. And you'll identify these people because it's going to be a similar feeling. You'll feel energized and intrigued by their light.

So don't be afraid to let that light shine. It's going to open up incredible opportunities and relationships for you, just by virtue of being you.


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