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How to Release Judgment

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Okay, vulnerable post here... do you ever find yourself judging others? And does it leave you feeling icky, because you don't really want to be thinking of others from that place of judgment? I have found myself in this position, and all I wanted to do was to release that feeling. In a way, it would release me from those negative emotions, while simultaneously releasing that person from my thoughts about them.

At first, it was hard, because if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to judge others, those thoughts have a way of sneaking up. They're not overt; they're subtle imposters.

So where does this judgment even come from?

What I've found, is that it comes from our own personal love of the way we live our lives. And to love how you live your life is a great thing. You SHOULD love how you live your life. However, when your lifestyle clashes with someone else's, there's an opportunity for that judge-y imposter, to creep in.

The solution to this judgment is to reframe your thinking about "right" and "wrong." You see, we all have a Blueprint that is the unique expression of life we employ to get through our days. And each unique Blueprint serves a Purpose in this world. Including the Blueprints that don't seemingly compliment yours.

Next time you find yourself judging, stop. Then, ask yourself the question: What does this person have or express that I don't? And be generous. When you do this, you begin to reframe how you think about that person. So instead of viewing their lifestyle as wrong, it's simply different. And you can come to appreciate what they bring to the table.

For more on this, watch my video below...


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