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How to Overcome Rejection

Rejection is one of the most challenging things to face, ESPECIALLY when you're being authentic and vulnerable and real. It can hurt to put your truest self out there, only to be disregarded.

If you've experienced this, I am so sorry. And I hope you can continue to give of yourself.

What this rejection really reveals is not a fault with you, nor is there necessarily a fault with the other person—it is indicating that you have incompatible Blueprints. You are simply not meant to connect on a deeper level or serve each other.

Once you really understand that, the feeling of rejection becomes far less personal. It doesn't mean it's going to go away, however, it can soften the blow and help you create separation from the negative feelings that may arise. When you are spreading your message and giving of yourself, rejection is not a judgment, it's an indicator that you're not with your people.

So how DO you find your people?

This is why I believe it's critical to know your Blueprint. When you have a "map" of your passions, skills, values, and other God-given gifts, you can learn how to focus those gifts into messages. And the more you actively "bullhorn" those messages, the greater chance you have of reaching the people who LOVE what you do. Your story and your services will resonate with people. You just have to refine how you're putting that energy out into the world so that it's landing with YOUR people.

To hear more on rejection and finding community, watch the video below.


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