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Give Yourself Room

Have you ever been in a period of growth when you had the thought that maybe you're not good at something, after all?

This can be a majorly debilitating realization, because it messes with your sense of identity. And I'm here to tell you that it's okay, because it's probably not true.

When you're in a period of growth, you're exerting yourself beyond your normal limits. Your "muscles" are being pushed to new levels, and things that once felt easy probably feel a bit harder. That's a normal part of growth, even for the most skilled and passionate people. It doesn't mean you're no longer worthy of something.

It actually means you're at the cusp of a major breakthrough. You just have to keep pushing through, and give yourself some room to grow.

Finding that grace can feel like a challenge when you're used to excelling. Just know that you'll get there once more (with some work and dedication). You're not useless. You're not failing.

Give yourself some room.


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