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Follow Your Motivation

Your motivation is indicative of your Blueprint, so be sure to tune into that part of you! I actually believe that motivation is a gift from God; one that is designed to help us each work out our Purpose, which is also a gift from God. This means that we all have this specific tool to help us find our way: paying attention to where our attention is!

When you pay attention to your desires and motivations, you're being true to your most natural self. And while, of course, we all have to do things outside of our Blueprint every once in a while, knowing your Blueprint can even make a draining task into something battery charging, or at least neutral!

Motivation is a tool that tells you, "This is what you're here for." Of course, it's going to be different from person to person! What motivates you, and what you're motivated to do, will be completely different than your family, friends, and peers. Even if, for example, you and a friend are both motivated to "make art," the things that inspire that art will be unique to you. Not only that, but the kind of art you're motivated to make will be unique to you.

All of this is to say--don't discount your motivation. Lean into it. Listen to it, nurture it, and learn what it's trying to tell you about yourself. Don't ignore it because you think it's wrong, or not where your attention "should" be.


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