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Finding Your People Is Worth the Work

Part of the value of the Blueprint Process is being able to identify so clearly who YOU are, that you also identify who your people are. When I say "your people," I'm talking about your fan club. These are the ride-or-die customers, clients, and community members that love your authenticity and your message. They love you when you're being 100% you, and VICE VERSA.

Yes, in order for them to be your people, you've got to love them back! This is such a critical component, and part of what makes it so difficult. After all, it's easy to soak up the love from people who want to hear your message. It's much harder to identify the people you actually want to work with and spend time with. And that's not a value judgment on anyone. It's simply a matter of compatibility. When all is said and done, is there synergy there?

If there's not, you're going to find that over time you're unable to recharge your batteries, and work feels like work. And chances are that person is going to be feeling similarly.

Here's the incredible thing, though. When you're working with your people, very few things are going to stand in your way. Even when there are bumps along the way, you're going to be more compassionate because you are in synergy with that person.

This is how you should want to operate your whole business! And it's possible too. Whether it takes you a few years or a few weeks, it is possible to work only with your people. And it's going to be worth your time to bring that energy and joy back into your business.


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