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Everything You Do Is Good

Yes, I do mean EVERYTHING. Even the things that seem to bring you negative results are good. You were built by an all-perfect God to be perfect, too.

The problem isn't YOU, I promise.

There are a few reasons the things that you do may be bringing you negative results. You might be doing them for the wrong people—ones who don't understand you or your Blueprint. And unfortunately, no matter what you do, they'll never be "your people." (And there's nothing wrong with them, either! They need to find their people, too,)

Another reason you might be getting negative results is because you don't have the right tools. It's not a problem inherent in you, but the environment you're in is not conducive to your Blueprint. There's not necessarily something wrong with those tools, but they don't work for you. This could be your physical tools (calendar systems, software, etc.) or it could be more conceptual—strategies, industries, etc.

Finally, you could be getting negative results because you're viewing your Blueprint as a weakness. Have you ever been called lazy? Loud? Flighty? No matter what the label is, I'm willing to bet you're carrying around some baggage that you didn't even choose to pick up. It's been thrust upon you and you haven't let go. But what if I told you that these things that seem to cause trouble for you could actually be your superpowers? You just haven't learned how to apply them in the right contexts yet. Maybe you didn't have the chance.

Knowledge is power, and SELF knowledge is power.

When you learn that who you are is GOOD, you learn how to live up to that truth.


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