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Connect with Your Source to Make an Impact

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I believe that each and every person on this earth exists for a purpose. Every person here has an impact to make that can change lives and do good. The problem is that when we are disconnected from the source of that impact, we feel lost and unsure of ourselves. We stop believing in the good that we can do, because we get it all tangled up in our own limited, human perspective.

But when you open your mind up to God's divine perspective, suddenly there are infinite ways for you to express His purpose and make your unique impact. You are not alone, and you were not plopped down on earth without instructions.

Learning your Blueprint is the first step. Your Blueprint is your owner's manual. It's all the goodness that God has poured into you, so that you can make your impact on the world. And you've got to know it so that you can be confident in it.

The next step is learning how to implement the tools in your tool box in a way that brings you joy. By doing this, you attract the right people to you, and you create a renewable energy system for yourself. If it doesn't give you energy or bring you joy, you've got to move on.

To round it out, you must always remember that you don't have to "human will" your way through life's problems. You're partnered with God to make your impact, and God is an infinite source of inspiration, motivation, support... you name it! In other words, you don't have to fear what lies ahead on your path, because God has your back. Just listen.


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