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Change Your Expectations to Change Your Life

Something I see all the time when working with people is this reluctance to change expectations. This is a HUGE disservice to yourself and your Blueprint!

What I mean is, people, take what's been true in the past, and expect that to always be true. And if you LET that be your truth, it will be. That expectation of the past keeps us all from pushing further, taking leaps of faith, listening to our intuition, and SO much more.

You can't change your habits if you keep believing that the possible is impossible.

In order to change the trajectory of your life, you MUST let go of the past. You must let go of the expectation that things will always be the same.

Just because you've faced hardships, rejections, a lack of focus, a lack of energy, or ANY of those other mental blocks before does not mean that will always be your reality. You have the power to let go of that and experience the freedom of complete newness.

To do this requires that you let go of the past, trust in yourself and your Blueprint, and take a leap of faith. It's not easy, but it's going to be SO worth it. You'll exceed any expectation you ever held. (Don't let that internal imposter drag you down!)

To hear more of my thoughts on this, check out the video below!


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