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Calibrate Your Internal GPS

When you know where you're going but you don't know how to get there, you use a GPS. The GPS guides you and lets you know the next steps to take.

The same is true for our personal aspirations. We may know where we want to end up and what our ideal community looks like, it's just the steps to getting there feel fuzzy. That's why you've got to rely on that internal GPS!

Self-knowledge (knowing your Blueprint) plays a huge role in the calibration of your GPS. You've got to know who you are to determine the appropriate next steps. If something doesn't resonate with your Blueprint then it's probably not for you. And if it does, you can bet that it's probably a step in the right direction!

You can also rely on your maker, who I personally call God. And God is the one who designed your Blueprint, so of course he knows how to help you take the next step. Having a relationship with God and being able to listen for His direction are essential to getting where you want to go with efficiency. You may get there regardless, but you can save yourself a lot of detours and wrong turns by getting that GPS calibrated FIRST.

That relationship starts with Trust and Faith. The rest is between you and God. But know that the journey will be worth it!


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