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Are You a Change Agent?

Change agents are some of my favorite people to work with, because they're the mold breakers, thought leaders, and action-takers.

In fact, you might just be a change agent if...

  • You think a little bit differently than your peers

  • You feel called to share a specific message

  • The path you walk is not one you've encountered, it's one you've forged

  • You recognize the unique potential in others

The role of a change agent is to forge new paths and go confidently in the direction of one's Purpose. There's no rulebook or manual to tell you how to get where you're going, nor is there a map. And yet, a change agent has everything they need to create a way to realize their Purpose.

Change agents make things happen—for themselves, and for others.

Are you a change agent? Then you might just benefit from working with other change agents (AKA a Blueprint Practitioner). These are folks who have forged their own paths and can help you find and be true to your Blueprint and Purpose. In true change agent fashion, they won't give you a map to follow, but they'll encourage you as you forge your path.


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