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Accept the Growing Pains

Growth hurts.

It's natural, and even normal, because growth requires us to push past our comfort levels. After all, you can't make progress by staying stagnant. You have to push past what's comfortable in order to proceed beyond your boundaries.

When you do strength training, you work on progressively exceeding your previous limits. It's challenging and even uncomfortable at first, until it's not. Eventually, your muscles get used to the extra weight, and before you know it, you're adding more.

So if growth hurts, and we know it hurts, why do we beat ourselves down when things get difficult? Why do we act as if things are supposed to be easy when they're not?

I see it all the time (and I know it firsthand, too). We all seem to be more capable of accepting that growth doesn't come easy for everyone but ourselves.

Of course there are going to be mistakes, and bumps, and bruises. The triumph comes from the willingness to push forward, anyway. (And to be clear, these growing pains can also give you vital information about when something is NOT working. The key is to learn how to differentiate growing pains from actual harm.)

To hear more, check out my video below.


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