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Your Infinite Wiring, with Seth Manti

What if, within your Blueprint, you had infinite possibilities?

I'd actually suggest that you already do. As my client Seth Manti puts it, your Blueprint reflects an infinite source (God), therefore your unique design must also be wired with infinite possibility.

Your Blueprint isn't a rigid document that tells you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how. It actually just functions as a way for you to hold up your possibilities to a mirror and see if they reflect who YOU are.

Your Blueprint isn't going to tell you that you should be an architect and live in Florida. Instead, it's a tool for you to assess whether that option would make you feel fulfilled. You may look at your skills and passions and determine that the tasks associated with architecture ARE a good fit and that Florida represents your values. Or you might not.

The point is that the possibilities ARE infinite. Your Blueprint is inclusive by nature, and there's no singular perfect outcome of knowing your Blueprint. In reality, there's no limit to what you CAN do. The question is, does it align with the qualities that are most important to you in life?

So if you feel yourself being pulled in a direction that isn't familiar to you, don't write it off. Consider that maybe you're being pulled in a new and interesting direction thanks to your infinite wiring and your connection with God. Then, use that Blueprint to refine and compare until you've created something perfectly and uniquely suited to you.


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