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Uncover Your Life of Purpose

This post is from Frank Lehane, a Blueprint Practitioner.

If you’re over 50 like me, you might be paying closer attention to how precious and short life really is. I wonder how many people miss or simply just don’t see how precious their lives really are. That they really have a life of purpose--more than any one purpose. That they have God-given gifts yet untapped to give. That their efforts are not just going through the motions.

You might be saying to yourself, “How can I pull back, or find someone who can help me pull back the curtain to uncover and clarify my life of purpose?

Last December, my wife’s brother, age 72, passed away, followed by my own father, 85, who passed away in January. My wife’s mother, Lucile, age 95, passed away November 25th. Life events like these bring back memories of people who blessed my life in so many ways: My wife’s father died when he was 84. My own mother, age 50, died suddenly when I was only 17. My youngest sister died when she was 38. My best childhood buddy died when he was only 16. I’ll say it again: Life is precious. And short.

Before my wife’s mother--Lucile’s--health started declining, I felt compelled to share something with this dear lady at a family gathering. Next to me at the table, I clearly saw the lady who spent years of her life helping to raise and care for my daughter. I wanted so much for her to know how much I honored and loved her, to tell her how precious her life was to me. I leaned across and said, “Lucile, you and I have had more years together than I ever had with my own mother.” Visibly, she was moved by that. Had anyone ever told her how precious she was, how dear she was, what she meant to them? That got me thinking, “How great a gift would it be if people could uncover their life of purpose? To get clarity about their life of purpose?

For over 27+ years my work as a financial professional has allowed me to listen deeply, to guide people, to help them define and clarify what they want, where they really want to go, where they want to impact the world around them, and to meaningfully steward their legacy. For years, I’ve worked on defining and clarifying my own life’s blueprint so I could uncover and discover my own life of purpose. Engaging in this process has uncovered so much about me that was long buried—stuff of real usable value I had long since forgotten about.

Now, it allows me to bless other people with that same gift—to uncover, get traction in, and take long-desired steps torward defining their own life of purpose. And along the way, if people have interests in and want help with financial ideas, I can serve them there, too.

If you’re at that stage in life where you yearn for far more than just years to your life but more life to your years, and you seek definition and clarity for your life of purpose, then perhaps a 20-minute chat with me might well serve you in your journey.

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