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The Second Component of a Blueprint

Last week, we talked about your PURPOSE. Now, we're going to dive into your VALUES. It's a concept we talk about constantly, yet I think that we often misunderstand the difference between world values and OUR OWN values.

Your values, at the core, are the things that are most significant to you—your non-negotiables and the things that uphold your specific process. Forget the values the world has superimposed on you, and instead look within and ask, "What needs to be present in my life for me to do work that energizes me?"

When you reframe your values this way, it allows you to get specific, and let go of expectations. For some, a value may be an environment--they may like high stakes, or lots of white noise, or the energy of other people around them. Another person may value solitude and silence. And this is just ONE example.

Remember that you define your values.. and ultimately, that's because your Blueprint says so—it's how you were made. So don't let the rest of the world define you! Check out my video for more thoughts on defining your values.


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