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Pursue Your Lightness, Let Go of Should

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Everyone has an opinion. Not only that, everyone has an opinion on everything. People have opinions on everything from how you should dress, to how you should eat. Where you should work, to what you believe. We're surrounded by these ideas, and so we work hard to act the way the people we love want us to. The problem is, if it goes against our Blueprint, it can create feelings of shame and guilt, or worse, lead to burnout because we're living by everyone else's Blueprint.

I'm giving you permission to LET IT GO.

At some point, you've got to make room for yourself in your life. You can start by learning to say no, and taking the time to discover who you are, and what opinions you have, separate from others. Then, you've got to pursue that light in you with everything you've got.

Once you do, a few things will happen naturally:

  • You'll get your energy back

  • You're going to be more receptive to Divine ideas (big visions)

  • Other people's opinions won't bother you

  • The shame/guilt of not living up to other people's Blueprint will fall away


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