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How to Be a Visioneer

Is there even a difference between goal-setting and what I like to call "visioneering"?

You'd be right in saying this is a loaded question... of course there's a difference! Goals come from our own reasoning of what we're "supposed" to do, and consequently we beat ourselves up when we don't reach them. And yet as a society, that's the bar we set for ourselves!

And then, there are visions. Ideas that come to us, seemingly out of nowhere, that inspire our next steps. Sometimes, you may not know what you're meant to do until the divine inspiration suddenly strikes. Other times, you may be right in the middle of your own goals when you realize a grand vision.

So what do you do with those divinely inspired thoughts? Typically, you follow!

Interested in learning more about Visioneering? Check out my the YouTube video below to learn how to change your perception of "goal-setting."


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