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A Light in the Darkness: Knowing Your Purpose vs. Using Your Blueprint

While knowing who you are and who you're meant to serve can be a liberating and empowering experience, it isn't all roses. Nor should it be! Your Blueprint is a reminder of who you are so that you can strive to be the best version of yourself. And since we're having a human experience, sometimes there's an emphasis on STRIVING.

Even when we have a light to guide our way, we have to walk down the path with our own two feet. And sometimes, even though the path is illuminated, we become aware of the darkness just beyond that light. This can be intimidating and can sow doubt. It can be frustrating. And sometimes, it feels like the darkness is going to thwart you.

Even when you're equipped with all the tools necessary to be your highest self, it still requires great courage on your part.

Recently, I faced these feelings myself! I was feeling like in every way, I was hitting impenetrable walls. The temptation to give up was there, even though I was using my Blueprint. So I decided to go and sit in front of it again, and really LOOK at the physical product itself. And staring me in the face was something I had written, yet hadn't considered in this scenario: "I believe that with God, all things are possible."

And I DO believe this. But seeing it there, written on the wall, was like a slap across the face. Suddenly, all of the frustration and doubt I had experienced made sense. I was feeling these emotions because I was using my human will to push through my problems. And I was blaming myself. I wasn't relying on the thing my Blueprint calls me to rely upon: God!

So next time you're frustrated, doubtful, or even angry with yourself that things aren't working out, I encourage you to go and pull up your physical Blueprint, and LOOK at it. Because I guarantee that there's going to be a player on the bench that isn't being utilized. And it will make all the difference when you do!


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