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You're Allowed to Grow

You're allowed to change. In fact, you SHOULD change.

Many people, before they ever know their Blueprint, have cultivated a particular image or identity. Sometimes this does align with our Blueprint, yet it's possible that the person people expect you to be is VERY different from the person you really are. And changing that can be a monumental shift--so much so that you feel hesitant to even make the shift.

I want to encourage you to do it. Be the person you're meant to be, not the person people have come to know. Because when you hide your true light, you're depriving yourself of the joy and freedom it brings, and you're depriving the people who are seeking someone like you to help them.

Growth can be painful, especially if people have a particular image of you. Yet you cannot flourish, or even grow until you exist the way God created you.


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