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The Power of Nature

This is a post from Blueprint Practitioner, Nicole Tate.

Have you ever really SEEN a sunset? What I mean, is, have you really sat with it, and embraced the wonder that God has created? Because when you do, you realize how truly connected we are to the world and the capacity for great beauty and wonder.

God has created you the same way: full of wonder and beauty. The problem for most of us is that it's hard to see our capacity for good. That's where the Blueprint Process comes in. When you have another person to bounce ideas off of as you learn about yourself, you gain confidence in all that you are capable of. You learn to see yourself and the gifts God has given you through someone else's eyes and believe in the power of who you are.

If you have ever felt weird or different, knowing your Blueprint is the key to unlocking the power of your uniqueness.

You are a part of this beautiful world, and you were made for great things.


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