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What to Do When You're Not Growing?

When you're an entrepreneur, growth is the name of the game. Everyone wants to expand their business, help more people, and build out even bigger than ever. So what happens when you're not growing?

If you feel stagnant, or like you're still trying to jump over a hurdle, THAT'S OKAY. This is actually a part of your growth process, and a necessary one, at that.

Growth is a lifelong process, but it doesn't mean that you must ALWAYS be moving forward. In fact, sometimes to learn the lessons we need to learn, we must stay where we are. When we can pause, take stock of our current situation, and slow down, we learn FAR MORE than if we jump on to the next thing.

True growth isn't about how fast you can hop from topic to topic or skill to skill. The growth that matters happens when you're committed to leveling up no matter how long it takes. That's NOT stagnation, that's your Blueprint in action!

So next time you feel like you're stuck, ask yourself: Am I stuck, or do I just have lessons still to learn on this "level"?

For more thoughts on this topic, check out my video below, where I talk about the entrepreneurial "cyclone."


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