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The Ego Trap: February Webinar

Last month, we had an incredible discussion about the first Blueprint Principle: Your Purpose is a Divine Event. This month, I want to take that conversation even further, and talk about what happens when we don't believe that.


In other words, what happens when we think we're responsible for our own Blueprint?


In my experience, one of two things happens: we fall into the ego trap of thinking we're all that and a bag of chips... or into the ego trap that we're worthless! Either way, it's a TRAP.


Most people actually oscillate between these two extremes. How uncomfortable is THAT?


But when we recognize our Divine source, that burden is LIFTED. And that is supremely freeing.


The other thing I see happen is that when we feel a personal sense of responsibility for our Blueprint, we tend to think we're the only ones. We forget that everyone else has a purpose to fulfill, too.

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