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[Value] [Velocity] Increases as Clarity Comes In

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Maria's Story

5 weeks ago, God put it on my heart to volunteer to visit hospice patients nearing end-of-life. I began visiting a terminally ill lady, Maria. This dear lady is 82 years of age, and well acquainted with life-threatening crises in her life.

Thirty-five years ago, a breast cancer doctor told her she only had 6 months to live.

Maria’s health is slowly weakening. Recently her two daughters have come to live with her and provide additional care for her. Upon first meeting me, the daughters’ initial reaction was friendly but protective. After all, who was this stranger, this man visiting their mother? All they knew was I am a hospice volunteer. Not a medical professional.

I could only imagine what other thoughts flying around in their heads! Why was I really there? What value could a mere volunteer bring to comfort and soothe their mother? In the past, I would have let what I was thinking about their concerns rattle and fluster me. I would be anxious. Awkward. Not an enjoyable state of being.

Maria had shared how she so enjoyed my visits, but in private the daughters still asked me to keep my visits short. So, I calmed myself. I trusted in who I was and what I was about. The confidence and focus I brought allowed us to have a joyful time; for Maria and me, and a brief rest for the daughters from caregiving.

I decided to look at the situation from this family’s perspective. I also decided to not let what I was thinking or imagining steal any of our joy in the hour we spent singing Maria's favorite hymns, reading from devotionals, and talking about God and our heavenly home.

I didn’t realize it during my visit, but I later realized that my initial mission of care and attention had widened that morning to now include Maria’s two daughters.

The Blueprint Process

The work I have done to gain clarity of who Frank Lehane is by using the Blueprint Process has increased my value and has added velocity to be more and to do more, the more clarity comes in.

My purpose in life, why I’m here, what I am passionate about, and what useful tools I bring to bear are having the life-filled impact I always dreamed I could have on people and the world around me. The Blueprint Process has helped me unpack the layers of thoughts and aspirations and helped me recognize and appreciate my God-given gifts.

Moving these gifts from the realm of ideas and then bringing them into clarity with magnifying glass-like focus has truly re-ignited my own life and the lives of people around me. I grow more excited just thinking about what lies ahead for anyone thirsting to unpack the layers and begin their own journey to useful clarity.

If you feel like I could be your guide through the Blueprint process, I would love to talk.

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