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Separating the "Piles"

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Recently, I got a text from my business friend Manny. Both of us invested in the same podcast marketing system months ago. For me, it was turning out to be a wonderful tool to engage new friends and explore new business opportunities. Sammy, however, was having a completely different experience.

This sad text from Manny read: “I feel like I’m pouring a ton of money every month down the drain! I can’t seem to get my podcasts started. I hate the thought of abandoning this opportunity and my investment of time and resources, but I’m stuck and I just don’t know what to do or where to start. If only the podcast company’s billing department would just allow me a couple of months of breathing room so I could get my bearings.”

I could feel Manny’s discouragement, frustration, and not a little fear. He shared how he had just relocated his family back to the States after several years in business overseas. He returned to restart business afresh and he was excited to learn podcasting was a way to get his message and mission out to the world. But now, the stress of the relocation, closing out his overseas business, and no money coming in weighed heavy. The thought of wasting all the money and time he had already spent tormented him. He felt like he was letting himself and his family down by considering running away, only to leave the vestiges of his dream on the table.

Have you ever been in a situation where this was all you could see in front of you?

Here you are at the foot of Mt. Everest, but you’re so overwhelmed you can’t even start the climb. You’re like a drowning man desperately thrashing around in the middle of the ocean trying to keep your head above water with no rescue boat in sight.

As a Blueprint Practitioner, I have been able to help people soothe their hearts and minds and break free from their sense of hopelessness and overwhelm. I’ve been able to help them rediscover untapped resources they forgot they already possessed. What they needed was a Blueprint to help them navigate through new landscapes. They needed someone to help them unpack their purpose, passion, values, and skills and turn them into power tools.

Using my skills as a Blueprint Practitioner, I listened deeply as Manny unpacked the details of his situation. Soon, we were able to organize his seemingly impossible “mountain” into separate little “piles.”

Manny was now able to visualize putting one pile here, then another here, and then another here. After a while, he was able to see the light at the end of his tunnel. I could hear encouragement building in his voice. His Mt. Everest was becoming more and more scalable. He could now see his rescue boat on the horizon.

With his new sense of freedom, Manny no longer felt like running away, hiding, or leaving anything on the table. Now, he had a clear direction to move forward. Now, he felt something he had not felt in a while--hope.

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