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  • Emily Melchner

The Right Kind of Stretch

Even when you've found your Purpose, growth is necessary. Growth helps you to reach new heights, help more people, and continue enjoying what you love.

You'll grow in many ways over your lifetime, and your journey won't always be about growing in your passion. Sometimes, we're called to grow in other ways. For example, if you're feeling like it's time to stretch your capabilities and expand, perhaps the growth you're seeking is about the "why."

Your "why" is the reason you do what you do--both recreationally and in your career. And if you're stagnating, it may be time to rethink your "why." Your reason for pursuing your passions should be grounded in the infinite—something bigger than you, the metrics, and the "thing" itself.

When you up-level your "why" to something more Divine, you unlock infinite potential that goes beyond metrics. And you give yourself a reason to get up in the morning, even when the metrics or results aren't what you want them to be.


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