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  • Emily Melchner

Harvesting From the Soil of Good

This is a post from Blueprint Practitioner, Emily Melchner.

No matter what your "field" looks like, there is good beneath the soil to be harvested. It may seem like the wrong season for growth, or the soil may contain weeds and other undesirable. Yet there is infinite potential beneath the soil.

You have infinite potential in you, no matter what the circumstances of your life may seem like. The goodness that you have to offer the world can't be snuffed out or dehydrated, or otherwise taken from you. It is always there.

If you have the right tools, you can excavate that good and allow it to impact the world around you. The Blueprint process can help with that, because not only does the process shine a light on the good underneath the soil, but it also helps you figure out how to tend to that good. You learn the conditions for growth and blossoming. And that is so powerful. Then, no matter what the season, you can allow your goodness to thrive.


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