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The Power of Presence

This post is from Seth Manti, Blueprint Practitioner.

I was recently at dinner with an acquaintance and we were talking about life; as we spoke about the challenges of raising a family, the subject of prayer came up. We had both experienced times when prayers felt empty and it seemed like God was a billion miles away. I think we all have felt this, particularly when living through storms or even the normal day-to-day frustrations of life. Our stories were different, but each demonstrated this seeking of presence.

Presence is one of those things that can drive meaningful human connection. I remember as a kid I always wanted my dad to be present. Dad worked at American Greetings as a pressman and that took a lot of his time. I remember seeing the huge printing press and the pride dad had in knowing the inner workings of this huge piece of equipment. He was constantly on shift work and worked overtime to support our family. While I understand now the obligation as a dad, back then I just wanted him home. Present. Teaching me how to do stuff.

Through this story, I was reminded that the presence of family and friends can be great, but the presence of the Creator is far more important. I know we may believe differently, but here’s my truth. I experienced a renewal when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. At that exact moment, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. So when I pray, when we pray; we are in the presence of the Creator. I am receiving His guidance; His renewal; experiencing His presence. It doesn’t become less effective or less relevant because of me. His presence.

The funny part of this story is what we were both looking for was inside of us. Always present. Always listening. Always working. I prayed throughout my life but always struggled with connection. The irony when I see my blueprint is that God has been working and designing the entire time. I never would have such a clear picture of God’s design without my Blueprint. My Blueprint inexplicably shows His presence and His design.

The Blueprint Process uniquely pursues purpose, passions, skills, and values. Through personal introspection and guiding exercises, these discoveries are possible. Everyone is a unique creation, and by seeing this masterful design are equipped with a map to choose goals aligned with their individual reason for being. This amazing community is waiting. I hope you will be encouraged and continue pursuing your amazing design in the presence of the Creator.

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