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A Presence of Absence

I keep seeing God’s presence in my life.

In keeping with my Blueprint, I seek to expand understanding of His presence through our shared stories. I've found that doing this removes layers and creates an opportunity to see connections otherwise missed in the noise of life.

Since my last post, His presence remains as you would expect, but I also have felt a presence of absence. I experienced this as an anticipation of someone returning; an experience of being in a space where someone had just been. In some ways, seeking the familiar or recognizable. Knowing without a doubt wholeheartedly you are exactly where you are supposed to be, but something is missing.

I definitely experienced this on Good Friday. What were the disciples feeling on the day after Jesus was crucified? Lost. Overcome. Paralyzed. Fearing for their lives? I can’t imagine the presence of His absence they must have felt.

In a far different context, on February 15th, I said goodbye to my mom. When her heart stopped, this feeling of God’s presence permeated everything in the room. After this huge feeling of love, I felt an inexplicable exit of her spirit. Sitting there, I can only describe the feeling as a presence, now, of her absence. I knew then that family presence for me would be forever different.

I see this time and these stories as a chance to expand awareness and adjust perspectives; maybe getting rid of comfortable routines that don’t fit anymore. Avoiding the learning would be easier, but I’ve never been able to just let things pass by and stop my brain from deconstructing.

So how does this connect with the Blueprint Process? Before the Blueprint Process, I never would have taken the time to see these connections. I didn’t have the context, nor did I belong to a community willing to challenge these concepts and add value through their stories.

The Blueprint Process uniquely pursues purpose, passions, skills, and values. Through personal introspection and guiding exercises, these discoveries are possible. Everyone is a unique creation, and by seeing this masterful design you are equipped with a map to choose goals aligned to your individual reason for being. This amazing community is waiting. I hope you will be encouraged and continue pursuing your amazing design.

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