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Purpose is a Divine Event: January Webinar

The journey to self-discovery can be a powerful one and, depending on your frame of reference, can appear to have some setbacks. After all, if you’re on this earth to fulfill a Purpose, it can feel like a heavy burden to carry alone. So what if I told you that you weren’t alone? That you never have been alone, and you’ve got more support behind you than you could possibly imagine? 


The truth of the matter is that you’re not here by chance—you were chosen to be exactly where you are at this point in history, on purpose. It’s a Divine event. And if purpose is a Divine event, then it was God who identified your purpose, and custom-designed you to have what you need to fulfill it. 


You weren’t a happy accident or a random occurrence, but a well-considered addition to the world we live in. And your existence here has value. Of course, God wouldn’t put you here to do this alone. He’s always in your corner, supplying the guidance and intelligence for you to follow your path. It’s not something that you choose, it’s something you’re born to fulfill. You’re the “chosen one” in your own story. 


So how do you unlock your full potential and live the purpose you were designed for? You’ve got to put your trust in your Creator and learn to partner with Him. By having a relationship with the Divine, you create the avenue from which to tap into his Divine intelligence. This can help you navigate the world that would have you ignore your purpose. Some would call this “listening to your gut,” while I would call it listening to God’s “still, small voice.”


When you trust in God, you trust in the purpose that He created for you, and you partner with Him to fulfill it. Yet, so often I see people placing their trust elsewhere—in their own self, or other people and projects. And while, of course, it’s good to have this trust on some level, those have to come AFTER your trust in God. If you have faith in the self first, it’s all too easy to alternate between the two ends of the ego spectrum. You’ll find yourself one day feeling like you’re superior to all, and the next day thinking that you “suck.” It’s not a healthy place to be. 


By placing your faith first in God, you can eliminate that ego spectrum entirely. Instead of feeling like you carry the weight and burden of your aspirations alone, you’re just walking the Divine path set before you. And in that case, you’re never alone. 


God is the supreme intelligence and omnipotence. THAT is what is backing you as you live out your purpose. You not only have the infinite support of the best there is, you were created by Him too. I have found this to be the ultimate comfort, and I hope that you do, too. 


So as you walk this path, remember that your Purpose is a Divine event.


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