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Let Me Love On You

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

What I mean is, my role as a Blueprint Process Practitioner is to give you the space to be 100 percent, authentically yourself, as God created you to be. And it's my privilege and pleasure to create this space for you.

I recognize that most of the people who SEEK the Blueprint Process do so because they've forgotten HOW to be themselves. They've drained themselves by trying to fit into other people's boxes. I know because that's the reason I created the process! I wanted to be myself again, and I had to get reacquainted.

This process can be hard because it takes vulnerability to be authentic in a world that doesn't want that from you. But it's what I love most about you and everyone I work with. That's why I shower my people with love, for them to feel good about who they are. That way, it becomes more comfortable, more natural.

My hope is that someday, you'll be living your authentic self ALL the time. And you'll get there. It's how God created you to be.


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