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  • Emily Melchner

Lean in and Listen

This post is from Blueprint Practitioner Emily Melchner.

It’s hard to lay aside an “I’ve got this!” mentality as an achiever, especially if we have high standards. For me, letting go has been a slow and steady journey of faith and humility. It’s a constant practice of pausing and waiting for God’s guidance instead of muscling my way alone through problems to find a solution. Pushing our agenda or constantly defaulting to “I’m the one that does this best…” doesn't give room to the beauty or adventure of being moved by something beyond a limited, human scope. And that’s where knowing about Blueprint can be helpful. We each have our own unique toolbox of skills and passions. Getting to know my own Blueprint has not only helped me recognize the value I bring; it’s shown me the power of being aware of OTHERS' value. When we let go of needing to be the author and creator of all things, we’re more open to solutions that arise in unexpected, and often, more engaging ways that leverage the skills and passions of those around us as well. It’s a practice that’s made me a better listener and leader. Who doesn’t want more of that on their team?


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