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You Were Custom-Designed for Impact

Life is a continual process of gaining greater clarity on your Entrepreneurial Blueprint and what that means for your life. The work is never simply finished. Hopefully, this is a thought that brings you great joy and comfort above all.

Joy, because this process means you will always be discovering and clarifying your personal quirks. Delight in the idea that you will continue to surprise yourself! And that you will always have fresh ways of seeing yourself.

Comfort, because you don't have to have every detail of your life figured out right now. You have time to develop ideas and create opportunities. And you're never stuck—the moment something stops working for you is the moment you can change course. That's the beauty of a Blueprint; it gives you the tools to course-correct whenever you choose.

Look for and create opportunities that allow you to use your unique skills. Enjoy finding greater clarity in yourself, and the process of self-fulfillment, each step of the way.

You were built to do something no one else can do, and you have time to get it right. So whenever you feel self-doubt fogging up your skylight, watch the video below for a huge burst of energy, whenever you need it!


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