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You Come Pre-Loaded for Success: May Webinar

You were custom-designed BY GOD, to fulfill a unique purpose on this planet. Without you, the puzzle can't be complete. And if you were created for a purpose, then it stands to reason that you are ALREADY in possession of the amazing skills, talents, passions, and values that you need to accomplish your purpose. Why would God make you any other way?

The secret is not in slapping something together and calling it a purpose, the secret is researching to find out what is already there. Sometimes we have to dig deep because the world can make us bury our light, but I promise: the things that make you incredibly you are already there. You were born to shine, babe!

Check out this super special webinar recording where we talk all about how to find your pre-loaded purpose, including insights from other Blueprint Practitioners who have grappled with this very thing! You'll walk away inspired and ready to shine your light.

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Topic: Purpose Pursuer Webinar

When: 4th Wednesday of every month, 12:00 Pacific time

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Meeting ID: 821 5720 4413

Password: 438516

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