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You Are So Much More Than You Know

One thing that I think people often get wrong about themselves (and others), is that they believe their worth is just a sum of their parts. Those parts could be interests, accomplishments, relationships, values, and passions. And while those ARE a part of you, they are not ALL that you are.

The beauty of a Blueprint is that it gives you a collection of tools at your disposal: values, passions, and qualities that you possess, with which you can do infinite things.

Yet so often, we FORGET that infinity is an option. We get stuck by examining our lives and thinking--"This is all that I am."

I'm here to tell you that is not the case. That's the LEAST of what you are, or are capable of. The reason that I love the Blueprint Process is that it helps us to identify together what's in your toolbox. The rest is up to you. Your Blueprint is a guide.

Think of how a Blueprint works for a building. It gives contractors an idea of how to put the building together. They know what they've got to work with. But the building is so much more than its physical structure. That structure provides a place for community and helps shape the lives of the people who visit. Its value and purpose are more than you could possibly imagine.

And so, too, is yours!

For more, check out my video below.



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