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What to Do with a Problem, with Kim Butler (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, Kim and I discussed our favorite ideas from the book, "What Do You Do With An Idea?" This week, we're talking about the author's next book, "What Do You Do With a Problem?"

Here are some of our favorite takeaways that we think any entrepreneur can learn a valuable lesson from.

1. Don't Escape Problems

When a problem arises, our first instinct can be to run away or create distance. It's such a common reaction, and it's rooted in shame. We feel shame when we think we've attracted or somehow caused a problem, and shame causes us to shrink away.

However, this assessment can be very dangerous. Letting problems fester, or spending your time worrying, can only make the problem seem bigger. Instead, you must control where you're focusing your attention. Prayer and solutions-based thinking can make molehills out of mountains.

2. Enough is Enough

The thing about "problems" is that they rarely go away on their own. You must be proactive in your work to unravel or solve the problem. But sometimes, we aren't ready to deal with the problem right away. That's where frustration can actually be a powerful tool.

Sometimes, problems are solved because you finally decide that enough is enough. But you have to come to that conclusion naturally. No one can force you to that point. Sometimes, you've just got to listen to your own feelings, and let your frustration be a catalyst for change in your life.

3. In Every Problem, there IS an Opportunity...

You simply have to look for it!

When you're in the middle of the storm, it can be difficult to imagine the warmth of the sun---but it's still there, somewhere. When things seem bleak, try to look for the opportunities available to you, big or small.

For more of our thoughts on "What Do You Do With a Problem?" check out the video below!


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