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What To Do With A Chance, with Kim Butler (Pt. 3)

We've talked about what you do with a problem, and what you do with an idea, and this week we're wrapping up the series with what you do with a CHANCE. The third book in the series, as you may have guessed, is called "What Do You Do With A Chance?"

Our Takeaways

1. Chances Aren't Random

In the book, the author writes that the chance "seemed like it liked me." It's a cute turn of phrase, but it also reveals a larger truth. That the RIGHT opportunities will come to you---opportunities that are uniquely and specifically designed for YOU.

Sometimes we think opportunities are random, or spontaneous, but the ones that feel so specifically right for us ARE right for us.

2. When You Ignore Opportunities, You See Them Less

Interestingly, I believe that when you see this opportunity LESS, it's not gone. You're only delaying the "inevitable," or what is meant for you. You may not see the opportunity as frequently, or it may be hard to find if you ignore it, but it is there! It's waiting for you to be ready!

3. You Have to Let Go

The question is, what do you let go of? You don't have to let go of the chance or opportunity. After all, if it's meant for you, it will stick around. But to be able to DO something with the chance, you have to let go of your FEAR.

The key to letting go of your fear is to let your excitement take the lead.

For more thoughts on the book, watch our conversation below! And get your own copy of the book, if you'd like.


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