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What is YOUR Passion?

Passion gets a bad rap these days. It's seen as selfish, or unrealistic. I'm here to bust that myth WIDE open. Because it's not selfish OR unrealistic. It's something we ALL deserve to have in our lives. It's the application of these passions that often miss the mark.

Doing what you love, and what you're passionate about, isn't about one specific dream job or position. Because that narrow view can be unrealistic and sets you up to feel like a failure if you're not working in that one specific arena.

The secret is to create an inventory of passions that you can apply to just about anything you do. Then, you can succeed where you are--or find a better match with a little more wiggle room. Creating this inventory helps you bust outside of your box, rather than close yourself in, because suddenly your passions apply across a WIDE variety of tasks and roles. You may not need to change careers to find that may just need to rethink how you approach things.

Say your passions include collaborating with like-minded people, finding creative outlets, and "gamifying" your life (among maybe a dozen other things). What opportunities does your current position have for collaboration, and how can you foster that? Are there opportunities to get creative in your work--from interactions with co-workers to how you add your flair to tasks? And how can you turn your tasks into games? Maybe you have a friendly competition with a colleague, or you create daily challenges for yourself?

Experiment with your passions and apply them to the life you have. That will give you a pretty good benchmark for whether you need to switch up careers---or if you simply need to shake things up.

Check out this weeks Vlog for more content on Passion!

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