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What is it Like to Seek Your Purpose? With Danielle Avery

We all have a Purpose that we were born with—a divinely given path that we are called to follow. Unfortunately, we don't always have clarity on HOW to follow that path, or even WHAT that path is. It's part of why I help people who are seeking their Purpose---first, because I've been there too, and second because it's a part of MY Purpose.

It can be difficult and draining to live in a world where you haven't realized your Purpose. And by extension it can be difficult and draining to seek that Purpose on your own.

So I thought, what better message for YOU, dear Purpose Pursuer, than to bring in another person who has been where you are. Someone who can speak to the journey, and specifically using the Blueprint Process.

I'd like to welcome a graduate of my program, Danielle Avery.


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