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What Happens When You Know Your Purpose? With Julie Ann Hepburn

It may surprise you to hear that once you've identified your Purpose, the REAL work begins.

You heard me: the work doesn't stop, it simply becomes FOCUSED. Knowing your Purpose is like knowing why your check engine light is on. It takes some time and effort to figure it out, but that's just the beginning. Once you have the self-knowledge, then you must buckle down and apply it.

If you were hoping that it was more like crossing a finish line, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The truth is, we will always be called to grow in our Purpose. We will evolve and change, and learn new ways to be our most authentic selves.

Much of this process requires us to walk the path not traveled.

The magic is not that the "struggle" stops. The magic is that we learn to reframe the struggle as growth. As a challenge, uniquely designed by our higher power so we can be our best selves.

The magic is that we embrace using our gifts to overcome challenges.

Once we do that, we attract other people to us; people who have seen the path and want to walk down it, too. When we have Purpose, we light the way for others.

Someone who has experienced (and embraced) this process is my friend, Julie Ann. I invite you to view our discussion below.

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