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Weaknesses Are A Myth

No... really. So often, the things that make us "different" get labelled as weaknesses from childhood. Think about it—those who are talkative, or who procrastinate, or are "disruptive" carry those labels for life. And it affects self-esteem at a deep level.

Rather than considering why someone is talkative or procrastinates, we assume it's a "failing." We effectively create self-fulfilling prophecies, and these "weaknesses" stay as weaknesses.

And yet, what if we harnessed those unique traits and treated them as strengths? How would that transform the way we see ourselves, the way we treat each other, and the way we interact with the world? Your weaknesses may not be weaknesses at all!

The Blueprint Process rejects the idea of weaknesses and instead looks at your natural qualities and how to make them even better. You learn to work with yourself, rather than against yourself, so that you can accomplish more than you ever have before.

If you're a "procrastinator," consider that your strength is actually thinking on your feet. How can you create scenarios that give you that rush of adrenaline, without missing deadlines? When you reframe, you'll find that many negatives can suddenly become positives!

Chek out my latest video to hear about the Basketball analogy, and how it relates to your strengths.


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