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Value Your Time and USE It

This post is from Julie Ann Hepburn, a Blueprint Practitioner.

It's easy to get spun up about things that shouldn't be consuming our time. We all have our own "danger points," which are the tasks on our plate that really should belong to someone else.

It's not that you're incapable of doing the tasks or even doing them well. However, every moment you spend doing one thing is a moment you're not doing another. It's worth looking at your time and taking it seriously: what are the things you just don't need to be doing?

In particular, I encourage you to consider the tasks that bring up negative emotions for you. Those are worth letting go of immediately. Stress and anger aren't good for your health, and they will prevent you from doing what you're here to do.

If you want help identifying the things you could be getting rid of, let's talk.


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